Wee Hippies

colorful threads for baby & one-of-a-kind baubles for mama


Shannon from Mushywear is a creative soul who loves to make her own clothing and then blog about the process. She was kind enough to pair one of her gorgeous creations with our Agate necklace/earring set and then tell others about it! Thank you Mushy! Mushywear – Sewing Surrounded by Salt Water Check out Mushy’s […]

Wee Trees? Yes Please!

The Wee Trees line was started because of my love of all majestic, leafy towers. If you love trees too, you can expect to see more of these pendants in our ETSY shop in the weeks to come. Our Wee Trees are made with Sterling Silver and Argentium Sterling Silver. Argentium tarnishes less than regular […]


Our smallest and sweetest Wee Tree to date is now in our ETSY shop!

Moon Tree

  This necklace is currently the sparkle in our eye! The Moon Tree will be listed for sale on our ETSY site in the next 24 hours!