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colorful threads for baby & one-of-a-kind baubles for mama

Valentine’s Day and our 1 Year Anniversary on ETSY!

Come by and check out the new happenings in our ETSY shop! Use coupon code “LOVEYOU” for 15% all merchandise!

We will be posting at least 5 new pendants on Sunday, February 5, in honor of our 1 year anniversary on ETSY!

Peace, love, and sloppy kisses!

One of our newest onesies, RAINBOW

2012, Here We Come!

Wee Hippies is so grateful that we were able to finish out 2011 by selling the majority of our baubles, and a good chunk of our tie-dye inventory! More tie-dye has already been posted in our ETSY shop, while there will be more to come in mid-January!

Our Wee Trees have definitely become a fan favorite, and we will be working to have some more beautiful inventory as soon as possible!

One of our Wee Trees that belongs to a lovely woman named Nicole now.

It is back to the work bench for Wee Hippies, but we will see you soon!

♥ Andi

Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday Sale! Use coupon code HOLIDAYS2011 for 20% off!





Our New Green Way Packaging!

We package our baubles in gorgeous chocolate brown paper boxes with sage-colored manila twine

Our tie-dyes are equally as cute, packaged in eco-friendly cloth bags

Both types of wrappings are suitable for gift giving, and also earth-friendly GREEN WAY products!
Green Way products are recycled, degradable, natural or environmentally sustainable.


Wee Hippies is participating in BLACK FRIDAY! Use coupon code HOLIDAYS2011 for 20% off all merchandise! EVEN MORE NEW STOCK will be posted throughout Friday. Come check us out!

New Yummy Organic Tie Dyes!


Shannon from Mushywear is a creative soul who loves to make her own clothing and then blog about the process. She was kind enough to pair one of her gorgeous creations with our Agate necklace/earring set and then tell others about it! Thank you Mushy!

Mushywear – Sewing Surrounded by Salt Water

Check out Mushy’s fun and versatile linen bags at her ETSY shop. I bought 3 for Mother’s Day this year! Mahalo!

Wee Trees? Yes Please!

The Wee Trees line was started because of my love of all majestic, leafy towers. If you love trees too, you can expect to see more of these pendants in our ETSY shop in the weeks to come. Our Wee Trees are made with Sterling Silver and Argentium Sterling Silver. Argentium tarnishes less than regular Sterling, and is recycled silver making your trees, well…a little more “green.”

Wee Tree “Isle”

Wee Tree “Evening”

Wee Tree “Ivy”

So many colors and types of gemstones, so little time!


Our smallest and sweetest Wee Tree to date is now in our ETSY shop!

Moon Tree


This necklace is currently the sparkle in our eye! The Moon Tree will be listed for sale on our ETSY site in the next 24 hours!