Wee Hippies

colorful threads for baby & one-of-a-kind baubles for mama

We are always working on new designs! Here is a sneak peek of what is new in our shop:

Phoenix – The Underdog Of The Onesie World

Tomorrow evening I will be debuting a onesie named Phoenix on ETSY. Not so ironically, Phoenix is actually NOT new. I have dyed, and redyed this onesie four times! The first time was with my very first batch of tie dye. Boring! The second time I spray painted the dye to experiment with a new look. The third time was to cover up the “experiment” part I didn’t like so much. I thought at one point it was a lost cause. The fourth and final time was to add more color depth. So you see, Phoenix is truly the underdog of the tie-dye onesie world. I like to think of it as a shining example that a life full of mistakes can still be a beautiful one. It is what it is? IT IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

The New Face Of Wee Hippies!

Thanks so much for all of your webpage, Twitter, and Facebook votes! Wee Hippies has finally decided on baby Ethan picture #9!

Help Pick The New Face Of Wee Hippies!

Ethan is a cutie! Please vote for your favorite by commenting with┬áthe photograph’s number:

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Some Of Our Little Fans

Megan sent in a darling picture of her little man in his Wee Hippies tee!

Although Wee Hippies is currently only making tie-dye for infants, fans Aya and Logie also wanted to show some love. The pair were photographed wearing their Easter present from Wee Hippies creator, Andi Galusha.

The shape of things to come!

Just a few pretty pictures of the new products featured on the Wee Hippies Etsy shop. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes (and then click the button to your right to buy)!

One of Andi’s first pieces was her own beautiful necklace for her wedding.

Vibrant colors is what Wee Hippies is all about!

The┬áhand-wrapped “Cleopatra” earrings are made with Lapis and Gold-filled wiring.

A freshly baked batch of tie-dyed onesies drying on a rack.

The “Sweetpea” earring is a new design with more colors and shapes in the works!

The “Synapse” onesie & “Flora” sundress.

How could you say “no” to the “Lotus” onesie?

These “Laguna” earrings were recently crafted during a day at the beach!

The “Candle” & “Syrah” earring designs.

The “Gemini” set is a wish come true for anyone who loves Agate.

All these and more can be found at the Wee Hippies Etsy shop!

And so it begins!

Welcome to the Wee Hippies home page! With more to come, for the moment you can see a few recent pics of current offerings, as well as quick and easy links to our Etsy, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Thanks for checking us out, and please be sure to share the love! Feel free to leave any comments on the site’s progress, and questions can be sent to Andi here.